RIGHT from the START

In the 1990s, Bejo was among the first breeders to take the step to make organic an integral part of its business. As a family company we believe and are committed to this long term and sustainable approach. As we feel we should handle our natural resources with care, for ourselves as well as forfuture generations.

Being a conventional and organic breeder is a wonderful cross fertilization. On the one hand, organic production brings on inspiration and new ideas for conventional production. On the other hand, we can build our organic business on the knowledge, experience and infrastructure that we have built in the last century.

At Bejo breeding for organic is leveraging our broad genetic base and the latest technologies. Breeding for organic allows us to develop high yielding varieties with improved resilience, produce high-quality seeds and stimulate innovation. 

With our organic seeds we contribute to a sustainable supply chain of healthy and tasty food, RIGHT from the START