During the 2020 Fruit Logistica in Berlin, we will present contemporary, tasty and healthy Bejo vegi bowls, Redi – discover a new sensation, Purple Power - attractive vegetables with a high level of nutrients and our colourful range of asparagus. Plus a number of inspiring vegetable food concepts such as Kohrispy, Coolwrap and Krunchelly. At this international trade fair for fruit and vegetables, Bejo demonstrates that traditional vegetables are increasingly developing into healthy, trendy food.

Bejo Bowl

Vegi bowls are hip! Millennials are choosing tasty and healthy options. Tasty, Healthy and Purple Power bowls will be presented during the event. With matching varieties for every bowl of course: the Bejo tasty bowl contains Bejo's snack varieties in carrot, kohlrabi, radish, celery, onion and white cabbage. Together, they deliver a true taste sensation.

Purple Power

Attractive vegetables with a high level of nutrients. Purple varieties are not only characterised by their beautiful colour but also the high concentration of nutrients which provide important health benefits.

Varieties such as the purple sprouting broccoli Burgundy, a variety with an almost ten times greater value of vitamins and antioxidants than traditional broccoli and the red beet Manzu will be displayed.


Coolwrap is a specifically selected flat white cabbage. With its shape, it provides leaves suitable for creating wraps, sushi and lasagna. Coolwrap is gluten-free and suitable for a low-carb diet. 

The cabbage stays crisp and fresh for a long time and has a mild flavour.


discover a new sensation

Redi is a concept for Purple Sprouting Broccoli which combines healthy ingredients in an original way with an extraordinary taste. Compared to market alternatives, Redi has a softer texture and offers a more refined taste.

To promote Redi, Bejo aims to cooperate with the chain and - especially - retailers. For inspiration a promotion line has been created, which includes sustainable packaging among other things. Several category managers have shown their interest, but chefs are also charmed by Redi.

Organic seeds
RIGHT from the START
Sustainable cultivation with a high yield, exceptional product quality and - ultimately - healthy and tasty food; it all starts with the best organic seeds of the best varieties RIGHT from the START


Bejo has expanded its broad organic assortment even further by adding lettuce. Introduced are well-known, high-performing varieties that are popular in Western Europe such as: Times, Rumours (Iceberg), Antedis, Malis (Butterhead) en Agribel, Sementel (Batavia).

These varieties display strong resistance to downy mildew (Bl:16-36EU) and lettuce aphids (Nr:0) and have shown outstanding results in the market. Effective resistance is extremely important for lettuce growers in general and is essential for organic growing. With these new additions to our organic range, Bejo gives growers the option of working even more sustainably by using seed that is organic.