Along with purple asparagus, we will feature white, green, and green anthocyanin-free varieties with the theme ‘Colourful tasting Asparagus’, also aimed at promoting asparagus to younger consumers.

the purple salad-asparagus!

Seed breeding company Bejo is presenting the first 100% male purple asparagus, Erasmus F1, which can be cultivated in cold and intermediate areas. Erasmus is an excellent variety which can be used fresh and unpeeled in salads, in stir fries and on the BBQ. This super sweet salad asparagus is best left uncooked, in order to keep the bold purple colour, which can be lost during cooking process.

Due to its characteristics, the Erasmus purple asparagus is a little different compared to the well-known green and white asparagus. It is an interesting addition to the current asparagus market and can be eaten raw due to its sweet taste. This characteristic is ideal to draw the younger customers who like to prepare fast, healthy meals to the current asparagus market. Providing information and usage possibilities, including recipes, Bejo is promoting the salad-asparagus Erasmus.


"Erasmus can be eaten raw due to its sweet taste, ideal to bring the younger consumers to the current asparagus market"

TriColore asparagus

The variety Cumulus is, without any doubt, already well known on the market as a beautiful and tender white asparagus. Now, the seed breeding company Bejo reveals a surprising new concept to the sector.

The exceptional taste of Cumulus can also be beneficial when it is cultivated like a green asparagus. Cumulus contains anthocyan and by being harvested slightly underneath the soil surface it develops nice three-coloured spears: white, green and purple.

These colourful spears can be prepared unpeeled, and they are delicious when used in raw, fresh salads as well as in stir fry dishes and on the BBQ. When prepared traditionally, as cooked asparagus, the cooking duration should be shorter to keep the taste. Bejo supports the TriColore project by providing crop advice, recipes and product information. Easy to prepare, healthy and tasty: TriColore Asparagus meets the expectations of changing consumer demands. 

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